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Name: Erika
Obsessions: The Used, Ed Sheeran, Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, Sansan, Red Hot Chili Peppers
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i will do a lot of things but admitting im cold to my mum who told me to bring a jacket isn’t one of them

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hey d&d???

you’re allowed to start complaining about not having extra time to keep in all of the bits from the book when you stop adding ten minute scenes about beetles and having characters fight each other who never even interact in the books

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season 4 alternate ending:
 lady stoneheart’s appearance 

The outlaws parted as she came forward, saying no word. When she lowered her hood, something tightened inside Merrett’s chest, and for a moment he could not breathe. No. No, I saw her die. She was dead for a day and night before they stripped her naked and threw her body in the river. Raymund opened her throat from ear to ear. She was dead.Her cloak and collar hid the gash his brother’s blade had made, but her face was even worse than he remembered. The flesh had gone pudding soft in the water and turned the color of curdled milk. Half her hair was gone and the rest had turned as white and brittle as a crone’s. Beneath her ravaged scalp, her face was shredded skin and black blood where she had raked herself with her nails. But her eyes were the most terrible thing. Her eyes saw him, and they hated.

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My Dearest Allie. I couldn’t sleep last night because I know that it’s over between us. I’m not bitter anymore, because I know that what we had was real. And if in some distant place in the future we see each other in our new lives, I’ll smile at you with joy and remember how we spent the summer beneath the trees, learning from each other and growing in love. The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds, and that’s what you’ve given me. That’s what I hope to give to you forever. I love you. I’ll be seeing you. Noah

Don’t be alone, Doctor

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me: [bites into pizza slice] [burns the roof of my mouth]

me: it is the ones we love who have the ability to hurt us the most

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